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Maya (2024) Season 1 Episode 1 (CultFlix Originals)

Maaya and her husband reside in their idyllic villa, but her peaceful life is shattered when she begins having disturbing dreams of her husband engaging in an affair with their maid. Tormented by the nightmares, she becomes convinced she is afflicted with a rare ailment called imagino: As the dreams intensify, the maid and her husband unexpectedly enter Maaya, dreamscape, revealing hidden truths. In a surprising twist, it is unveiled that the dreams were a manifestation of Maaya, subconscious fears, and the maid and husband play unexpected roles in helping her overcome her insecurities. Through this suneal jounwy, Maaya ultimately conquers her nightmares and finds newfound Mrength, mending the fractures in her relationship and restoring harmony to their villa.

Genre: TV Shows



Duration: 18 min

Quality: 18+


IMDb: 6.3

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